Maple Leaf introduces ready-to-cook poultry products

Canada's Maple Leaf Prime® is introducing a new line-up of ready-to-cook poultry products in response to Canadian consumers who want fresh food solutions they can cook at home.

With the arrival of warmer weather and the barbeque season, Maple Leaf Prime introduces 4 lines of ready-to-cook poultry products with a total of 8 new fresh food solutions that are available in the meat counters of major grocery stores across Canada:

Maple Leaf Prime® Marinated Chicken Breasts: Dijon Mustard & Herb and Santa Fe - Boneless, skinless breast with a marinade without any artificial flavours.

Maple Leaf Prime® Sauté & Savour: Butter Chicken, Sweet Teriyaki and Parmesan Marinara - Sliced pieces of Maple Leaf Prime® boneless, skinless breast marinated in spices and paired with a flavouring sauce.

Maple Leaf Prime® Seasoned Flattened Chicken with Wild Garlic & Herbs - The back bone is removed from the whole chicken reducing cooking time.

Maple Leaf Prime® Poultry Sausages: Mediterranean Turkey and Roasted Red Pepper Chicken - Made with cuts of chicken or turkey, specifically skinless, thigh meat.

“Maple Leaf Prime ready-to-cook poultry products are a great fit for today’s busy households,” says Babita Bhattal, Marketing Manager for Maple Leaf Prime. “These premium products, made with a variety of international flavours and seasonings without using artificial ingredients, are designed to taste great and deliver an authentic fresh taste experience.”

According to consumer research, families are busier today than ever before and they don’t want to sacrifice quality, nutrition and taste for the sake of speedy meals. More than 95% of consumers prepare meals at home yet time remains the number one obstacle to getting dinner on the table, says the company.

Natalie Berkhout

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