'Meatout Day' angers Michigan farmers

Some Michigan agriculture organizations are angered by Gov. Jennifer Granholm's proclamation encouraging residents to not eat meat for a day. She has declared Saturday “Meatout Day”, according to local news reports.

Granholms is encouraging residents to abstain from meat and to try different recipes rich with vegetables, fruit and whole grains.

The Michigan Farm Bureau, however, says the proclamation is “unconscionable and an insensitive slap in the face” to livestock farmers and meat-eating residents.

The Republican-led Michigan Senate passed a resolution urging the Democratic governor to rescind the proclamation. Attorney General Mike Cox, who is running for governor, responded to Granholm’s proclamation by announcing he would host a barbecue Saturday at his Republican campaign headquarters in Livonia.

Granholm, who is reportedly not a vegetarian, tried to soothe hurt feelings by issuing an additional proclamation declaring Saturday an all-inclusive Agriculture Day in Michigan.

Governors in at least 2 other states, Connecticut and New Hampshire, also have designated Saturday as Meatout Day, according to a sponsoring group called the Farm Animal Rights Movement.


Natalie Berkhout

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