Pete and Gerry's introduces heirloom-breed blue eggs

Pete and Gerry's Eggs in the US introduces a new brand of premium pastel blue eggs. Called Platine Bleue, the eggs are laid by cage-free Ameraucana hens.

Platine Bleue eggs have deep yellow yolks and very rich flavor. Pete and Gerry's Eggs says the hens are fed a healthy diet of whole cereal grains, marigold and alfalfa grasses. The feed contain no by-products, hormones or antibiotics.

Blue eggs have been produced in South America by the indigenous Mapuche people since the mid-16th century. The Mapuche bred their Araucana chickens to range free and withstand the harsh environment of Patagonia.
Pete and Gerry's Ameraucana hens are derived from those chickens and now considered a distinct breed. They're handsome birds with slate-blue colored legs and colorful plumage; and they lay the same distinctive blue eggs. They're also well suited for cage-free farming without antibiotics.

Pete and Gerry's is a family farm that has been producing eggs for 4 generations in the heart of New Hampshire's White Mountains. The company says its produces fresh, organic, cage-free, omega-3 eggs from hens that are Certified Humane.


Natalie Berkhout

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