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Poultry consumption increases 239% in Pakistan

The consumption of poultry meat in Pakistan has increased 239% in the last 11 years from 322 million tonnes in 1999/2000 to 767 million tonnes in 2010/11, but it is still only 0.7% of the global poultry production, experts have said.

At a seminar organised by Big Bird to commemorate its 20 years association with the global poultry giant Hubbard pioneer of poultry in Pakistan, Dr Yaqoob Bhatti in his paper revealed that the value of poultry infrastructure exceeds Rs300 billion and annual turnover of commercial poultry is Rs40 billion.

With 105 hatcheries, the annual broiler chick production is 820 million, he said, adding that the commercial egg production is 8.690 billion per annum in addition to 3.742 million production of rural eggs.

Pakistan Poultry Association former chairman Abdul Basit said that poultry is the cheapest source of animal protein not only in Pakistan, but the world over. The average daily animal protein consumption in Pakistan is only 17 grams per capita, while the average minimum requirement is 27 grams, he said.

The share of poultry meat consumption increased from 16.4% to 24.3%, he said, adding that the consumption of mutton declined from 0.649 million tons to 0.616 million tonnes, showing a fall of 20% in total meat consumption share.

Source: The News, Paksitan

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    Its very encouraging report.The vets engaged in poultry production activities are appreciated for their hard work .MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

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