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UK egg producers plan name and shame campaign for illegal eggs

UK retailers or food manufacturers selling eggs or egg products from conventionally caged birds after 1 January 2012 can expect to be "named and shamed", this week's Egg and Poultry Industry Conference was told.

British Egg Industry Council vice-chairman Andrew Joret said the organisation would be working closely with both Compassion In World Farming and the RSPCA to help identify any British companies using illegal eggs.

The BEIC already had lists of companies that were involved in importing eggs and egg products, he said. If anyone was caught using illegal products, then they would be exposed in the national media, as a means of "scaring the hell" out of anyone else who was thinking of doing the same.

DEFRA farming minister Jim Paice endorsed the idea of publicly naming anyone caught using illegal eggs. "Rest assured, if we have hard evidence that companies are doing this, we will take whatever action we can to let the public know."

Paice said he was working with ministerial colleagues in Brussels to develop a so-called "gentleman's agreement" on how to deal with illegal eggs. Under this agreement, no new hens may be placed in conventional cages, though non-compliant producers would be given another six months to convert. Member states would also have to produce a monthly list of compliant and non-compliant producers.

All eggs would have to go into the processing sector and remain within that member state.

Source: Farmers Weekly

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    Mick Holdaway

    Sounds like a good idea. Not sure that a gentlemans agreement is worth much these days.

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