Canadian poultry production - growth predicted

Canadian agricultural production will continue to experience only moderate growth over the medium term, largely due to increasing competition for export markets and relatively small domestic demand growth, according to a recent Research & Markets Agribusiness report.

The Canadian government is helping the agriculture sector through both investments in production (for beef) and tariffs for imports (poultry). However, beef production is forecast to decline over the medium term, while poultry production will still not run a surplus in 2014/15. Indeed, only corn and soybean show potential for significant growth over the medium term - mainly due to increasing poultry production.

The report predicts an 11% growth in poultry production to 2014/15 equalling 1.34 million tonnes. This will come from consumption increases due to the perceived healthier nature of poultry, along with greater export opportunities, which have been rising in recent years. Canada will likely remain a net poultry importer over the medium term, with a quota system currently in place to manage those imports.

Source: Research & Markets

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