'Diet Chicken' for calorie conscious consumers in India

A new dietary product is launched almost every other day, either debunking accepted dietary wisdom or claiming to get in shape in no time. Also "diet chicken" from Suguna is now available.

After a string of diet fads like low calorie dairy products, diet colas and diet chocolate – now there’s Diet Chicken! Suguna, one of the major players in the fragmented poultry industry in India recently launched the ‘Diet Chicken’ which retains the taste of chicken with additional benefit of Enriched Selenium (low fat). 
Chicken is one of the safest meats available today and it is the most widely consumed meat around the world. Chicken is packed with vitamins and nutrients that are essential for positive health, but generally chicken skin contains majority of fat. Though chicken liver is packed with lot of essential vitamins it is high in cholesterol and contains very high amount of LDL (bad cholesterol).
However according to Suguna, diet chicken has a very low level of fat (1.3g) compared to normal meat (2.5g). “Diet chicken is a boon to people suffering from various cardiovascular ailments and Diabetes; they can relish the taste of chicken with additional benefit of Enriched Selenium. Selenium is a part of selenoproteins and enhances the defensive mechanism for oxidative stress, for the regulation of thyroid hormone activity. Selenium functions as a dietary antioxidant and thereby stimulates the immune mechanism in our body.” says V.K Mohan, General Manager of Suguna Poultry.
He further adds, “Less fat in the chicken contributes towards lowering the blood cholesterol levels. Even calorie conscious people who try to avoid non vegetarian food can have diet chicken which keeps their optimum lipid status. The Omega -3 fatty acids in diet chicken also helps to maintain normal lipid profile. The diet chicken would be priced between 15 and 20 per cent more than the normal chicken.”
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Source: My Bangalore

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