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Ukraine poultry exports expected by the end of 2011

The Minister of Agrarian Policy and provision of Ukraine, Nikolai Prisyajnyuk hopes that this autumn Ukraine will receive permission to start the export of poultry to EU.

"We look forward to receiving permission to export poultry to EU by the end of this year, with the hope that appropriate actions will be taken already in the autumn", - said the minister. Representatives of the poultry association of the country also are encouraged by the recent success in the negotiations considering poultry meat export supplies to EU from Russia.

EU specialists have held a series of inspections of Ukrainian producers of poultry meat, and the last inspections were completed successfully. "I am convinced that the positive decision considering this question will be made very soon, especially because Ukraine and EU have almost completed negotiations about a free trade zone," added Prisyajnyuk.

He noted that today the production of poultry meat in Ukraine meets all phytosanitary and veterinary standards, and Ukraine has the necessary production capacity to start export of poultry meat to various new markets, including the EU.

As reported by UNIAN news agency, in December inspectors of the Food and Veterinary Office inspected the state of the current system of monitoring animal health in Ukraine during the production of poultry and eggs considering its possible export to the European Union. During this check inspectors didn’t find any serious defects of the production cycle in the production houses.

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    Ken Marshall.

    With so many net importers of chicken meat now wanting to reverse this trend,it can lead to pressure on the long term exporters.As long as overall demand increases this should not be too much of a problem!I guess it comes down to the buying power of the majority.

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