AVEC convenes on a sustainable EU market in a global world

Hosted by Danish poultry association Dansk Fjerkrae, European poultry processors gathered in Danish capital Copenhagen at the occasion of the annual assembly of their common association AVEC. The theme of this year's assembly was “A sustainable EU market in a global world”. During the assembly, AVEC paid tribute to Secretary General Tage Lysgaard, who served the organisation for 38 years.

AVEC represents over 90% of European poultry production. By around 120 delegates from 16 of the major European poultry producing countries were together in Copenhagen for the 54th General Assembly of their organisation.

Lars Hoelgaard, Special adviser DG AGRI, elaborated on the EU quality food production and maintained that the EU poultry production is self supporting. He mentioned that more trade agreements might be concluded and underlined the importance that the European poultry businesses should remain competitive by making an appeal on consumers for the European values reflected in the products.

Carolyn Opio from FAO confirmed that poultry meat has among all meat types the most favorable picture with regard to the carbon foot print and is of increasing importance in BRIC and developing countries. 

Global poultry consultant Paul Aho, projected poultrymeat to become the most produced meat type by 2050 when the world population reaches 9 billion inhabitants. Among all meat types poultry meat is the most efficient converter of cereals and corn and the price of poultry meat is directly linked to the costs thereof. He pictured the link between feed and biofuel and forecasted for the next period and in 2012 the prices of corn to be stable or lower.

Campylobacter will be the future challenge for poultry production, confirmed Hanne Rosenquist, researcher of the Technical University of Copenhagen though no acceptable cure is available so far. She presented the ins and outs of the CamCon project which hopefully will contribute to the solutions to better control lower Campylobacter levels in poultry.

During the assembly, AVEC paid tribute to its Secretary General Tage Lysgaard for serving the organsation for no less than 38 years, and thanked him for his commitment and dedication to the European and global poultry cooperation and production. Tage Lysgaard was succeeded in 2005 by Cees Vermeeren as AVEC's director.

The next edition of the AVEC assembly will be held from September 20-23, 2012 in Napoli, Italy,  and will be hosted by Italian member UNA.

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