Belarus initiates construction of turkey production complex

One of the largest farms for the production of turkey meat will be built in the Dzyatlava district of the Grodno region, north-west Belarus.

The new poultry farm will have a closed production cycle. The production site will encompass facilities for the breeding of turkeys, egg production, meat processing and the release of carcasses.
The complex, which hopes to produce about 12 thousands of tonnes of turkey meat per year, was set up by Novoelnyansky Bakery. The project is estimated to cost US$53 million, with Novoelnyansky Bakery securing the primary funding on the strength of loans from Israeli banks.
According to the deputy chairman of the executive committee, Alexander Rusanov, the Grodno region has never experienced industrial production of turkey meat on this scale. This sector of poultry farming is, on the whole, relatively under-developed in Belarus.
Turkey is abroad, however, a dietary product in great demand. About 90% of the turkey meat produced in Belarus is earmarked for export, which requires the purchase of the necessary quality certificates, a fact duly noted by representatives of the company.
“Our country consumes about 30 to 50 grams of turkey per capita per year, and abroad this figure is more than a hundred times higher!” said Alexander Volosach, director of a competing Belarus poultry plant Olekhnovich.
The production of turkey is enjoys good profits, because by Belorussian living standards the price of turkey is quite high. For example, one kg of turkey meat costs 37 thousand Belarusian rubles (US$ 4.47), compared with the average price per kg of chicken is 19 thousand of Belarusian rubles (US$ 2.29).
(Vladislav Vorotnikov)

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