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Kenya's poultry farmers made €38 million in 2011

Kenya's poultry farmers located in Central province made €37.96 million in 2011, a strong indicator of a growing sector now second only to dairy.

Central Provincial director of livestock production Mary Kanyi spoke during the release of the 2011 livestock production report for the province, commenting that more farmers are taking up poultry farming due to the small size of farms.
Kenya’s urban centres are experiencing great demand for poultry products, which is fueling the sector’s growth. Kenya’s farmers are struggling to keep up with the demand for day old chicks, she said. Broiler day old chicks are currently priced at €0.55, layers €0.92, prices which look ready to climb.
The sector need development, and is placing a heavy demand on infrastructural resources, there is a lack of organised markets and good quality feeds and indigenous breeds need stock to be improved. To grow, the provincial department of livestock is setting out on educating the farmers to encourage a cottage industry of poultry products.
Source: allAfrica

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    Kenya and Uganda in East Africa are virtually surrounded by ever growing markets for food products.The rate of urbanization in this region is high,and investment in the poultry sector is a sure deal business.BUT,add value for exports too!

  • Ram Vattikonda

    Central Region has a better market reach, as much of it is consumed in Nairobi & suburbs. With the devolution process, wish it will spread across the country and all the counties will start the commercial farms soon.

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