Excentials at VIV Asia to strengthen Asian-Australian position

To increase the position of Excentials in Asian-Australian area, Excentials is exhibiting at VIV Asia with a strong focus on introducing the company, products and business model to new customers and potential distributors.

Excentials portfolio consists of a full range of specialty feed additives branded under the Excential name, containing products such as betaine, target-release sodium butyrate, organic Selenium, emulsifiers, mycotoxinbinders, rumen protected choline and others. Products will be supported by a full technical dossier and support can rely on Orffa’s widespread and long-term experiences.

The key products are Excential Betakey and Excential Selenium. Excential Betakey is a source of betaine with non-hygroscopic, free-flowing characteristics. It enables customers worldwide to fill in the shortage of betaine anhydrous by a high quality product with equal nutritional properties. Excentials provides the answer to the shortage in the market.

Excential Selenium is a new generation of organic selenium in animal nutrition, which has superior digestibility compared to any other organic selenium source. All selenium is bound to methionine, leading to a highly bio-available and purified form of selenium. Excential Selenium is an innovative concept to bring animal nutrition to a higher level, leading to improved oxidative status, improved milk, meat and egg quality and higher fertility in all major animal species.

The products will be on display at VIV Asia, Bangkok, from 9th till 11th of March.

Source: Excentials

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