VDL Agrotech introduces new male feeding system

VDL Agrotech has introduced a new feeding system exclusively for males called 'Matrix' which will be available from January 2012.

The feed trough has a dosing and a feeding level. The dosing tube can be easily adjusted in eight different positions depending on feed quantity required. A manual winch is used to adjust the level of the Matrix feeding system making it accessible for males only, and excludes the females.

When feeding time starts the feed trough, filled with feed portions is winched down to the feeding position, controlled by an automatic winch. All males will eat simultaneously and with ample feeding space per bird ( approx. 20 cm per male ) no stress among the birds occurs. The flat shaped bottom of the feed trough results in a slower feed intake, so the males take more time to eat , which reflects in reduced stress and more uniform development from the males. 

Better control and selection possibilities allow the farmer to select and control males during feeding. Another benefit of the system is the clear overview in the house. Finally less space is required to place the feed trough in the house, as the system can be mounted against the sidewall which is a major advantage compared to commonly used pan feeding systems.

Source: VDL Agrotech

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