News update:Oct 20, 2011

Elanco introduces poultry carcass rinse to reduce Salmonella

Elanco Food Solutions has introduced its first food safety product, AviBrom™, for the poultry industry. This post-harvest carcass rinse reduces Salmonella pathogens during processing.

AviBrom is a broad-spectrum, post-harvest antimicrobial that reduces pathogenic Salmonella levels at multiple intervention points during poultry processing. Research has shown up to a 2.5-log reduction in post-chill whole-carcass Salmonella levels when using AviBrom.

“AviBrom works in a wide range of water pH so acidifiers aren’t needed as with some food-safety interventions,” says Tom Nicholson, director of sales and technical services for Elanco Food Solutions. “That reduces the risk of color and shelf-life issues that poultry processors often see with acid-based interventions.

“AviBrom is less reactive to organic matter than a conventional chlorine intervention, which provides greater antimicrobial activity. And when used according to label directions, AviBrom has lower odor and fewer safety issues compared to chlorine so it creates a more favorable environment for plant workers,” Nicholson adds. “In addition, the AviBrom Application System™ is easy to install and maintain, and poultry plant managers have peace of mind because the system is supported by the Elanco Food Solutions team.”

Natalie Berkhout

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