Veit celebrates 100 d.o.c transport vehicles

Veit Electronics, producer of vehicles for day-old chick transport, celebrates cumulative production of more than 100 vehicles.

In January 2010, 2 vehicles with anniversary serial numbers 100 and 101 have been delivered to Cobb Germany. The company was founded in 1998 to produce Cobb parent stock for the German and European markets from its own Cobb Grandparents. From its inception, the company says it has used only the best equipment to achieve best results. Chick transport is surely no exception, says Veit Electronics.

According to Leo von Drechsel, GM in Cobb Germany, they have been searching for the best transporting solution for many years. Day-old chicks get the best care in hatcheries, so they also need the best care during transportation. Cooperation between Cobb Germany and Veit Electronics started 3 years ago, when Cobb purchased 1 truck to expand their fleet.

“The truck performed very well under all conditions, so this year we decided to purchase another two vehicles. I was told later during the delivery that our vehicles have such nice serial numbers,” Von Drechsel added.

Milan Veit, Director of Veit Electronics: “To be able to increase production and expand to new markets, we are building a brand new facility with a total area of 4000 sq. m. We plan to move in May 2010, which will help us to give our customers better services and support.”

Natalie Berkhout

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