People: Scott Hazenbroek president and founder of Foodmate US

Scott Hazenbroek is the president and founder of Foodmate US Inc., the distributor of Netherlands-based Foodmate's poultry processing equipment in North America.

Hazenbroek has 20 years of management experience in the food and poultry machinery industry, having served as president of a leading North American cut-up and deboning equipment company.

Foodmate is a cut-up and deboning equipment manufacturing and service company whose products are available worldwide. Foodmate US offers an extensive product line of poultry processing equipment including, cut-up, deboning, portioning and weighing systems. Foodmate’s food processing line includes cooling and freezing systems, frying systems, as well as cookers, hot air ovens, batter and breading machines.

Located near Atlanta in Canton, Georgia, the Foodmate US office is home to its sales, engineering, service, warehouse and parts inventory.

Source: Foodmate

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