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Ovostar Union increases egg sorting capacity

One of the largest eggs producers in Ukraine, Ovostar Union, has increased throughput of its sorting complex by 82%, up to 400,000 eggs per hour, company representatives have reported.

This was made possible due to the launch of a new sorting line with the total capacity of 180,000 eggs per hour at a poultry farm in the Kiev region. The purchasing and commissioning of all necessary equipment was carried out within the investment program of 2012-2013 for the expansion of the production capacity of the company.

Also within this program Ovostar Union plans in March 2013 to launch a new slaughterhouse with a total production capacity of 4,000 heads of poultry per hour. The amount of investment needed for the reconstruction of the plant will be around US$ 2 million.

In total Ovostar Union is planning to invest up to US$ 34.5 million in the upgrade and construction of the new production facilities by 2014.

The company showed very strong operational results for the first half of the year. During the first six months of 2012, the company posted a net profit of US$12.162 million, up 41.9% over the same period in 2011. Its revenues for this period increased by 25.7%, to $ 27.79 million.

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