News update:Mar 9, 2016

Philippine rice farmers turn to egg production

Rice farmers in the Philippines are turning to egg production to have regular income, reports the Business Mirror Philippines.

Rice farmers in the Philippines struggling to make ends meet are turning to egg production as an alternative livelihood. The transition  is being supported by the Philippine government in the form of the Mindanao Rural Development program, which is a special project jointly financed by the Department of Agriculture and the World Bank.

The program provides livelihood assistance to small farmers, rural women and indigenous tribes through its Community Fund for Agricultural Development (CFAD).

The MRDP-CFAD supplies funds to farmers that can used to purchase layer stocks, feeds and biologics, including construction of poultry cages. The growing number of local farmers is shortening the supply chain between production centres and local markets, all of which is contributing to the local economies.

Since the success of the egg-production business depends on the effective management of layer farm, the municipal agriculture office conducted a hands-on training to better equip the association in handling their livelihood.

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