News update:Mar 9, 2016

Hatchery Wuthrich Buterei celebrates 50 years

Hatchery Wüthrich Brüterei (Switzerland) celebrated its 50th anniversary in November.

During his speech at the official ceremony, Mr Ernst Wüthrich, who founded the company 50 years ago, looked back on how it all started. “In the early days, only small numbers of layers and broilers were hatched, but the company always kept an eye out for growth opportunities. As a result, the hatchery’s setting capacity has increased from 60,000 egg places in 1962 to 1.2 million today,” he said.

His son, Mr Markus Wüthrich, elaborated on the challenges Wüthrich Brüterei is currently facing, emphasising quality and co-operation. He summarised the hatchery’s future operations around 5 key terms: consolidation, Swiss branding, separation of layers and broilers, biological production, and sustainability.

During the ceremony, father and son Wüthrich were offered an official certificate by Petersime Area Sales Manager André van Rij to congratulate them with their hatchery’s anniversary.

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