News update:Mar 9, 2016

Kazakhstan to increase poultry meat production by 25%

By the end of 2012 Kazakhstan plans to increase the production of eggs by more than 5.26%, while the volume of poultry production should be up by 25% compared to the level of the last year - reported analytical agency "Kazakh-grain".

38 billion eggs were produced in 2011, and about 104,000 tonnes of poultry. In 2012 the volume of production is expected to be around 4 billion eggs and 130,000 tonnes of poultry.

It should be also noted that in Kazakhstan, six new poultry farms are currently under construction, and the commissioning of these projects will allow the industry to double production performance. This became possible due to the the strong governmental support. In 2011, the poultry producers in Kazakhstan received grants of about 10.7 billion tenge (US$ 70.9 mln).

At the same time, there were a number of problematic issues to be resolved, which were announced on November 8th at the Kazakhstan First International Forum of Poultry Farming, held in Alma Ata, the capital of the country.

In particular, the producers pointed out that this year the subsidy standards for production of poultry meat increased, but this did not happen for egg production. Price rises of feed and other resources today hamper the development of the egg industry. Due to this the development, the egg industry this year will be much slower than the poultry meat production industry.

Also at the Forum, it was reported that there is practically no poultry breeding bases in Kazakhstan. For this reason, poultry producers annually spent millions of dollars purchasing breeding eggs and day-old chicks from abroad. In this regard, the Union of Poultry Farmers of Kazakhstan at the Forum stated that the creation of the breeding bases in Kazakhstan should be top priority for the government so it can provide support to the poultry industry.

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