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Hy-Line welcomes Chinese delegation to Iowa

A large Chinese delegation from Hebei province gathered recently in Des Moines for the Iowa – Hebei Sister State 30th Anniversary Celebration.

In attendance was Zhou Benshun, party secretary of Hebei province and governor Terry Branstad of Iowa. Hy-Line International president Jonathan Cade welcomed the delegation to a visit to Hy-Line's headquarters in West Des Moines where the group discussed the layer industry and learned about Hy-Line's China activities.

Hy-Line International is working to strengthen its business cooperation with three separate Chinese companies. Pan-Asia International Investment Co  and Hy-Line discussed the integration of parent stock.

Talks with Hebei Huayu Poultry Breeding Co., focused on the collaboration to increase production of day old chicks. Final discussions with Shijiazhuang Huamu Animal Husbandry Company centered on the joint cooperation and support of local training facilities. Hy-Line has agreed to provide education forums featuring specialised speakers. Through these separate cooperative agreements, Hy-Line hopes to assist in the ever-expanding and innovative companies within the Hebei province.

Hebei Province and the state of Iowa became sister states in 1983.

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