News update:Mar 9, 2016

New branding strategy Moba – new website launched

Netherlands-based egg handling company Moba is to brand its ‘Moba Group’ label more strongly in future communications – starting with VIV Asia 2013. A new website is launched to support this new branding strategy.

The company, having a history in egg handling dating back to 1947, acquired and founded various sister companies over the years. This has created a desire to be more responsive to various markets and to obtain a more clear and effective structure.


All communication and activities in the field of egg grading, packing and processing will be done under the Moba label.


A clear overview of all services, products and group members will be presented on a new website This website will be launched in the first week of April and will replace all previous websites of Moba, Diamond, DMA, Moba Coenraadts and OvoPro.


The new corporate style is clearly visible at VIV Asia in Bangkok where various types of equipment are shown at the combined Moba booth. The complete portfolio is explained on interactive desks while at the same time an interesting variety of products for the Asian markets are on display.



A highly reliable breaking system made by Moba Coenraadts is shown, especially interesting for companies starting in egg processing. The very robust and low maintenance construction makes it a reliable tool for efficient egg processing.


A more automated Moba EBS125 breaking system is also shown combined with a brand new high pressure cleanable single tray loader. This system is designed for a production environment with high food safety standards.


Last but not least a new series of egg grader configurations is launched: The Moba LT series. This series offers grading capacities from 15,000 to 120,000 eggs per hour to companies that are looking for combining cost effective manual packing processes with state of the art egg grading. This combination makes Moba’s individual egg handling affordable for every company in the field of grading consumption eggs. The principle of individual egg handling ensures minimum losses and maximum output, because every egg counts.

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