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Export opportunities for US processed eggs

The US Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service has certified shell eggs for export for many years, but will expand its services to support egg-containing products opening the door to many US egg producers and processors.

The USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service will certify a wide range of products containing eggs, including omelets, frozen egg patties, crepes, hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and food containing egg extracts. The total market for US exports of further processed eggs and egg products worldwide is estimated to be $500 million.

"This is one more step the Obama Administration has taken to expand exports of high quality US agricultural products," said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. "Today's announcement will open new markets for US egg products, generating additional economic benefits and more jobs across rural America. We are in the midst of the strongest period of agricultural exports in history, and I look forward to making even more progress in the years ahead."

Iowa, which leads the nation in egg production, produced 14.5 billion eggs in 2011. The egg industry there employs an estimated 3,700 hatchery, production, and processing workers, generating over $156 million in direct annual payroll.

“Anything that increases international market opportunities is a good thing for the Iowa egg industry,” said Kevin Vinchattle, chief executive officer and executive director of the Iowa Poultry Association/Iowa Egg Council.

“It allows a processor to ship an an egg patty that also contains ham and cheese, something they haven’t been able to do in the past. Processors have missed out on marketing opportunities in many countries.”


Jennifer Geck, manager of allied industry relations for the USA Poultry & Egg Export Council in Stone Mountain, Ga., said the potential export market for processed eggs and egg products is estimated to be $500 million.

“South Korea has been interested in frozen egg patties for its food service market,” Geck said. “Mexico, which is the largest per capita consumer of eggs, is interested in hard boiled eggs as a quick source of protein. When representatives visited this country, they saw hard boiled eggs in vending machines and became very interested in that product.”

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