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Ukraine: Avangard reduces egg export

At the beginning of the year, Ukraine's largest producer and exporter of chicken eggs Avangard faced difficulties with the supply of its products to foreign markets.

The amount of eggs that have been delivered into the domestic market, has led to an unusual fall in prices for the current season, report Ukraine media. Avangard has significantly reduced the number of eggs that it exports, said Oleg Bakhmatyuk the owner of the company.

“Avangard slowed export of eggs because of the conflict in Syria, as well as due to the unstable situation in Iraq," he said. As a result, according to Mr. Bakhmatuk in the first half of 2013 Avangard reduce the volume of exports of eggs by about 20%.

Oleg Bakhmatyuk expects that in June the market of Syria and Iraq will be reopened for Avangard, so the company will be able to reach the planned level of 1.6 billion eggs by the end of the year. "Now we want to increase the volume of egg powder export, especially in Korea and Japan," Oleg Bakhmatyuk claimed. Also in 2014 Avangard is going to enter the China market.

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