News update:Mar 9, 2016

Illegal Polish eggs enter British market

Unmarked Polish eggs have been offered for sale in the UK, raising concerns that eggs from hens housed in illegal cages have entered the market.

The egg industry watchdog the AHVLA, has stated that initial information indicated that large volumes of eggs were being offered for sale, although this could not be substantiated. Government officials however, have made both the Polish authorities and the EU Commission aware of their suspicions.

"AHVLA takes all allegations of breaches of the Eggs and Chicks Regulations seriously and all are investigated to ensure that only good-quality, salmonella-free eggs are marketed in Great Britain," said a spokesman. Under the regulations, all Grade A eggs sold for direct consumption should carry a code identifying the country of origin, the individual holding and the laying system. The one exception is for farmgate sales or door-to-door sales rounds. Producers with less than 50 hens may also supply a local public market without egg stamping.

"Selling unmarked eggs is illegal, so it has to be stopped," said BFREPA chairman Roger Gent. "Egg producers in this country work to very high standards. If eggs are to be imported, they must be legal."

A spokesman for the British Egg Industry Council confirmed it was aware of the rumours about unmarked Polish eggs being for sale. "We fully support any prosecution of UK producers, egg processors, food service operators or retailers being found to import or use eggs not produced or marked in accordance with relevant legislation."

Source: Poultry World

Philip Clarke

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