News update:Mar 9, 2016

Ukraine: EU chicken export could begin in September

Ukraine’s Agricultural Ministry recently announced that it expects poultry and egg producers to begin exports to the EU in September.

Under the current agreement with the European Commission, the country will be allowed to export up to 20 thousand tonnes of chicken fillet and 20 thousand tonnes of other chicken parts to the EU annually, Ukrainian News reported. The new market will provide top Ukrainian agribusinesses with access to more than 500 million consumers.

Chairman of the Board of MHP, the largest producer of poultry in Ukraine, which is interested in the supply of poultry in the EU, Yuri Kosyuk says his company is actually ready to start shipping poultry but the final agreement procedures often last for several months.

"We have been ready for the last few months, but to overcome the bureaucratic process in the EU is not in our power" said Kosyuk.

The European Commission decided to include Ukraine in the list of countries that have right to supply poultry products to the EU market at the end of 2012.

According to Custom Service of Ukraine, the export of poultry meat in January-May amounted to about 52 thousand tonnes to USD87 million. In 2012, exports of poultry meat totalled 80 thousand tonnes for USD145 million, forecast for 2013 - 140 thousand tonnes.

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