News update:Mar 9, 2016

Russia to double egg exports in 2013

The Russian poultry industry will reduce the growth rate of production but will double the export of eggs in 2013, Vladimir Fisinin of the Russian Union of Poultry Farmers (Rosptitsesoyuz) recently stated.

"The growth rate of poultry production this year will fall," said Fisinin. "As a result, poultry production will reach 3.8 million tonnes compared to 3.55 million tonnes last year."

According to Fisinin, the slowdown is due to the fact that the industry has not received necessary grants in time. "If the promised money was transferred to the businesses in time such a reduction would not be evident,” he stated.

Fisinin predicts that in contrast, Russian egg exports this year will amount to 275-300 million units which is almost double the level of last year. "Almost all egg exports go to Mongolia, for instance last we sent 155 million eggs there," he concluded.

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