News update:Mar 9, 2016

‘Egg man’ Filiep Van Bosstraeten passes away

The IEC has led the tributes for one of the leading eggmen of his generation, Filiep van Bosstraeten, who passed away last week.

Van Bosstraeten was involved in the egg industry since the early 1960’s and was founder of Ovobel Ltd in Belgium. He was instrumental in the development of egg processing from manual production to the modern high tech industry of today, and is acknowledged as being amongst one of the most important leaders in his industry.

He was involved in all aspects of the egg processing industry both commercially and through national, European and international associations.  He was instrumental in creating the Belgian Egg Processors Association, which went on to become Union of Belgian Egg Processors.  He also organised the first meeting of the European Egg Processors Association (EEPA) and was highly regarded in his role of Secretary General.

Van Bosstraeten was also one of the leading members of Egg Processors International (EPI) and was instrumental in bringing EPI together with IEC to strengthen both organisations, going on to play a leading role within EPI and IEC continuing right up until August of this year.

He was formally recognised by the IEC in 1999 as the very first winner of the IEC’s life time achievement award for the international egg person of the year, the Dennis Wellstead Award.

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