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British Lion eggs to launch updated TV campaign

British Lion eggs will launch a prominent TV campaign, helmed by an Oscar-winning director, in the new year highlighting how the staple foodstuff can “make a meal out of anything”.

From 5 January updated adverts, directed by Tom Hooper – who was awarded an Oscar in 2011 for his work on The King's Speech, will run across a range of satellite and digital channels for three months. It forms part of British Lion's £1.5m marketing push for 2015.

It is the first major TV campaign in a decade.

The ads typically feature families confronted with a fridge devoid of food – save for a box of Lion eggs and perhaps some veg. One of those gathered then suggests a quick egg-based meal and subsequently saves their kin from hunger. A new voiceover will encourage consumers to visit for further inspiration.

Andrew Joret, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said: "The popularity of eggs continues to increase and being back on TV after so long will help to inspire more consumers to enjoy the versatility of eggs for creating great value, nutritious and affordable meals, more often.

"The production values and theme of the ads have stood the test of time, with the focus on using up leftovers as relevant to budget conscious consumers now as it was when they first appeared."


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