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Calls for change to British egg labelling standards

The British Egg Industry Council has called for the mandatory labelling of both the production method and country of origin on any food product containing mostly egg, such as quiche.

An EU Commission report will be submitted to the European Council by 13 December 2014, recommending changes to labelling laws for unprocessed foods, single-ingredient products and where an ingredient represents more than 50% of a product. The BEIC said including eggs' country of origin and production method on the packaging of such foodstuffs would inform consumers, and could be seen as a first step towards wider labelling of all products containing egg as an ingredient.

"We hope the commission will take the BEIC's call for mandatory labelling seriously and once it is in place, we would then like to extend this to products containing eggs," said Ian Jones, chairman of British Lion Egg Processors. "With the anniversary of the horsemeat scandal in January, consumers have never been more interested in the provenance of the food they purchase.

"Many consumers would be surprised and disappointed to find egg products produced to lower standards being trucked into the UK and used instead of British eggs," he added.

Last year, a survey by animal welfare charity Four Paws found 69% of consumers said the country of origin and production method of egg products should be listed on the packaging.

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    Once again big business makes a case to suit them only. If a rule does come, let there be is simple rule any business with a work force less than 5 is exempt. Also it must not be associated with any larger organisation in control of that company by any trickery or means. As a customer I so fed up with the over labelling of everything I buy, so much so no one really finds what is really relevant quick enough on the label. i.e. pork mixed into chicken, beef etc. it may only be fat but I am very ill when I eat pork so need to know that info quickly and easily but nowadays the whole pkt. gets filled with so much rubbish info. So please stop the nonsense, common sense must be the watchword, not the jobsworths employment !

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