News update:Mar 9, 2016

Nicaraguan egg producers refute shortage claims

Claims that there is a shortage of eggs in Nicaragua is false, poultry farmers of Nicaragua have reiterated.

Although egg traders are becoming vocal about the number of eggs on the market, the chief executive of the Nicaraguan Association of Poultry and food Producers (ANAPA), Alfredo Velez, has reported that there is no shortage of egg in Nicaragua.

ANAPA chief executive said egg production in Nicaragua reaches about 50,000 boxes of eggs per day, representing 1.5 million units, an increase of around 10% per annum, and an sufficient for domestic consumption.

The poultry farmer said they have about 15,000 customers in the country, and they supply the product permanently throughout the year.

Traders are arguing that a shortage of eggs has developed in the country and that the product has become more expensive, but the Nicaraguan Egg Commission (CNH - Spanish acronym) has issued a statement claiming that "the price of eggs has remained stable since November 2013."

Traders have now put a complaint into the offices of the Agency for Promotion of Free Competition (Pro-Competition), but Velez said the association is willing to testify if necessary, as he states thar the poultry industry is doing their job and have nothing to hide.

For his part, the head of the Directorate of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAGFOR) , Manuel Rodriguez said at this time government authorities have no plans to conduct health inspections of certification in the Honduran egg producing plants for an eventual allowance of imports from that country. However, Rodriguez did not rule out that this may happen if domestic demand for the product requires it.

According Anapa, the country has about 12.8 million laying hens eggs and broilers, and an estimated production of 262.8 million pounds of chicken and 540 million units of eggs.

Maria de los Angeles

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