News update:Mar 9, 2016

Prinzen launches its new egg grader: Ovograder

Prinzen has introduced to the market of their new electronic egg grader for on-farm use. The Ovograder, designed for efficient and convenient on-farm grading of hatching eggs, is the the successor of the Elgra 3 grader and offers an effective operating capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour.

The Ovograder is to be used inline and combined with one of the PSPC packing machines for setting hatching eggs on setter trays or on 30-cell trays. Grading of hatching eggs results in an improved hatching process and optimises the uniformity of chicks. The Ovograder offers an effective operating capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour. It can be set to select two specific weight ranges, resulting in four predefined classes. Most eggs are routed to the connected PSPC egg packer. Eggs, of which the weight is set as non-hatching egg, are automatically sorted and routed to the packing table for manual collection. The touch screen control panel displays valuable information such as egg numbers per house and numbers in a specific weight range. Data can be retrieved via the integrated USB port and provides useful information to keep track of the performance of the entire flock.

Pre-grading table eggs
Another interesting area of operation is the use of the Ovograder for on-farm pre-selecting of table eggs in specific weight ranges like S, M, L and XL egg size. Its capacity of 30.000 eggs per hour ensures that the grader perfectly operates inline with high capacity egg packing machines. The Ovograder can be configurated with the Smartpack or the Speedpack and one or two additional packing machines. This way predefined table egg sizes are automatically collected on 30-cell trays.

With the introduction of the Ovograder, Prinzen has responded to the needs of larger breeder farms and egg producers, who now can choose the grading machine that perfectly fits to their operation. The Elgra 3 grader will remain available for medium sized farms, offering a value for money machine for selecting and setting hatching eggs.

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