News update:Mar 9, 2016

High capacity egg grader by Moba

Moba is set to introduce the new generation high capacity Omnia egg graders and packers: the Omnia PX.

Alongside traditional features such as roller-cleaning brushes, the Omnia PX is the first machine whereby all egg-touching parts are continuously disinfected during production.

In addition to the eggshells themselves, the rollers, weighing, transfer and transport carriers in the tracks are treated with UV-C light. UV-C reduces the growth of bacteria. The egg-touching parts in the packer are made from anti-microbial industrial plastics. This powerful combination minimises the chances of cross contamination.

The new Omnia PX is available as PX 350 (126,000 eggs/hour) and PX 530 (190,000 eggs/hour) variants.

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