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Integrated approach for maximum egg production

Jansen Poultry Equipment offers an integrated approach for the production of cage free consumption eggs. This approach aims to create extra value by achieving maximum production in the most efficient way.

The efficiency starts in house by ensuring great performance among the hens. The right system that meets the needs of the animals and the right management contribute to the performance and therefor maximum egg production. Secondly this great production needs to be preserved during transport and handling of these eggs. Preserving the quality of the eggs is one important thing but doing this in the most efficient way creates even more added value. Jansen Poultry Equipment offers the complete solution for maximum egg production.

With the 'Comfort 2' and 'Comfort 2 Inside' aviary systems, Jansen Poultry Equipment created systems that meet the needs of the animals so they can perform optimally. These multiple tier systems enables to achieve a higher stocking density. Farmers in Europe see that the aviary systems of Jansen Poultry Equipment are a great alternative to cages and are of great quality.

Jansen Poultry Equipment also developed an enriched colony system, the 'VolMaxx'. This system is enriched with a scratch area among other additions. The VolMaxx colony housing system provides a good overall view and maximum house utilisation while creating a comfortable environment for the hens, which maximises their performance. The sustainable system guarantees many years of egg production. The VolMaxx enriched colony system is fully compliant with European regulations.

With the innovation of the FlexBelt and the MultiFlex Elevator Jansen Poultry Equipment made it possible to preserve egg quality during transport to the central collecting point. The systems prevent cracks in egg shells and therefore preserve high egg quality. The Farmpacker egg packer ensures a fast and safe packaging of approximately 24,000 eggs per hour. To complete the fully automatic egg handling process, the Cobot palletising robot ensures precise positioning of the trays in containers or on pallets.

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  • Jennifer Fernando

    maximum production in the most efficient way is the way to go..!! has yolk eggs too

  • medhat bayaa

    Good Subject

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