News update:Mar 9, 2016

Cherkizovo presence boosts poultry output in Lipetsk

In the last ten years of operation, Cherkizovo Group has made the Russian region of Lipetsk one of the ten largest poultry meat and pork producing regions in the country. The company produces more than 60% of all poultry meat and pork in the region.

During this time, Cherkizovo invested more than 18 billion roubles in regional development, paid taxes of more than 2.2 billion roubles, and created nearly 4,000 jobs.

The company's priority projects in Lipetsk Region include Europe's largest hatchery with laying capacity of 240 million eggs p.a. and renovations at the Dankov Meat Processing Plant that started last month, Igor Babaev, Cherkizovo's Group Chairman stated.

"Lipetsk Region has always been of strategic importance for Cherkizovo Group," Babaev said. "Our main pork production capacity is located in the region, and last year we acquired the Dankov Meat Processing Plant with a slaughtering facility. Given the current situation on the pork market, business efficiency is directly related to having our own modern slaughtering and processing facilities; therefore, we decided to upgrade the Dankov Meat Processing Plant.

Our experience of effective cooperation with the regional government headed by Oleg Korolev assures us that the region's leaders will fulfil their obligations to investors. This means we can implement new investment projects in Lipetsk Region with minimum risk."

Babaev said the company had started repairing and retrofitting the Dankov Meat Processing Plant this year. The project involves modernizing the slaughtering facility by installing an automatic slaughtering line with capacity of 220 pigs per hour manufactured by the Italian company Petrocelli. The total cost of the work will be 780 million roubles.

Cherkizovo has expressed confidence that the beneficial partnership between Lipetsk Region and Cherkizovo Group as the anchor investor in the region's agricultural sector would continue to flourish in the years to come.

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