News update:Mar 9, 2016

Ovostar Union to invest US$90 mln in poultry production

Over the next four years Ovostar plans to invest US$90 million in modernising poultry production facilities in the Kiev region of Ukraine.

Ovostar, currently the second largest egg and egg-products producer in Ukraine, will, in 2014, invest of about US$ 11-12 million in the expansion of the production capacities in Ukraine, according to a company statement.

The money will be spent on the reconstruction of the Stavischanskoy poultry farm Kiev region, and in particular on the reconstruction of two sites for laying hens, which will allow the company to increase the number of bird places from 5.4 million heads to 5.8 million heads.

Also Ovostar expects to expand the capacity for the numbers of young heads from 1.66 million heads to 1.79 million heads, while the capacity of the number of breeding stock - from 88 thousand to 118 thousand. In addition, in 2015 the company plans to install new screening equipment for eggs on the Stavischanskoy poultry farm.

In total during the period of 2014-2016 the company intends to invest US$90 million in the modernisation of Stavischanskoy poultry farm and poultry farm 'Ukraine' both located in the Kiev region.

As the result by 2018, the company expects to increase the number of laying hens to 9 million heads, the production of eggs - up to 2.1 billion pieces, liquid egg products - up to 14 thousand tonnes and dry egg products - up to 2.2 tonnes.

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