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How poultry management and equipment influence results

Results of poultry can be influenced by management. Farmers can adjust their management according to the performance of the animals on a daily base. The only important thing is knowing which factors are responsible for the results of poultry.

Recognising the behaviour and knowing how to deal with it is one of the most important skills a poultry manager should possess. But the one thing that is even important as management is the application of good equipment. Other than management, equipment can be less easy to influence.

Equipment needs to fulfil requirements that are necessary to achieve high production results. Equipment cannot function without management and management cannot function without equipment. The quality of both aspects determine the quality of your production results.

The right laying nest
Laying nests need to attract hens and therefore need to offer a sheltered and attractable environment to lay eggs undisturbed. Also hygienic conditions are very important in order to preserve the quality of hatching eggs and to achieve high hatchability rates. As soon as the hens laid their eggs it is the aim to protect these eggs from dirt and damages. Jansen Poultry Equipment's Premium+ laying nest is developed to attract breeders and to preserve the egg quality.

Safe egg transport
The automatic laying nest with  integrated egg belt ensures careful and smooth transport of eggs to one end of the system. From this point the FlexBelt egg conveyor ensures a careful transport to the central collection area. Special designed egg carriers and egg transfers of this system handle eggs with care. Another advantage of this egg conveyor is the flexibility which makes it also very easy to bridge obstacles. Even small spaces are suitable for this flexible system.

Accurate egg packaging
When eggs arrive at the central egg collection area safe, they should be placed into setter trays very accurate. The Hatchery Packer egg packaging systems has several special features in order to carefully place eggs in setter trays.  The point setting is very accurate and the suction cups handles eggs very softly.

Careful handling of setter trays
What remains is the handling of setter trays. Also this process can be automated by adding the Cobot palletizing robot for setter trays. This robot places setter trays into container or on pallets. All with just one push on an easy to operate touch screen.

The above production process has been set up to achieve one goal; higher production results. All various systems anticipate to each other, just to guarantee high egg quality.

Some crucial aspects in the management of breeders are the start-up period, ventilation, weight control, feed and water supply and light. But what makes a good start-up? What is good ventilation? What is the right weight? What should be the right frequency and time for feeding? What light schedule and intensity should be applied? And how can all these important aspects be managed on a daily base? The performance of breeders can be influenced by finding the right answers to these and other questions.

Source: Jansen Poultry Equipment

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