News update:Mar 9, 2016

Kwetters Eggs increases production intelligence

Dutch egg producer, Kwetters Eggs, has adopted the use of Lay-insight, the smart farm assistant of Porphyrio, for pro-active management support of its egg farms.

Today, poultry farmers are already closely supported by monitoring key indicators. But in order to have daily insight on both the laying farms and in the packaging station, automation of the data collection and data interpretation was essential, Kwetters Eggs said in a statement.

Kwetters Eggs found that Lay-Insight of Belgian company, Porphyrio, perfectly fit into that strategy. Lay-Insight is an advanced management system that analyses the technical results and climate conditions on a daily base. It takes care of complete data management and provides advanced statistical analyses. In this way the farm manager gets immediately notified if something goes wrong in his stable. This technology is cloud-based and is therefore available anytime and anywhere.

"With the Lay Insight dashboard both the farm manager and we have a very good overview of the actual situation in all the stables. The collection of information, interpretation is occurring extremely efficiently now. This benefits our entire organisation, from the poultry farmers to logistics." states Jan Van Esch, head of Quality assurance Kwetters Eggs.

Over the next two months, all Kwetters production farms will be connected to Lay-Insight.

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