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New VolMaxx enriched colony housing completed in France

The family Carlier from Gricourt, France is a well-known egg producer in the France egg market, having produced eggs for many decades. Because of the European regulations concerning housing requirements for laying hens, the family were forced to replace their existing housing systems in their three houses.

During the SPACE 2013 show they orientated themselves to the latest developments concerning enriched colony housing systems for layers. Their requirements were clear:

  • Achieving the highest amount of 1st class eggs
  • Place for at least 110.000 hens per house
  • A systems that could eventual be rebuild into an aviary system
  • An involved supplier that provides good service, also after the completion.

After some visits to existing housing systems, the family eventual made their choice for the VolMaxx colony housing system of Jansen Poultry Equipment. The installation started in the beginning of 2014. The completion went well and the first hens arrived in July.

The new VolMaxx colony housing system at Carlier exists out of 6 rows and 8 tiers and offers living space for 115.200 hens. Every section complies with the EU and KAT regulations. A few characteristics of the system:

  • LED lighting in the sections
  • Laying nest situated along the egg belt
  • Feeder lines with perches placed above
  • Every compartment has a dimension of 2.44 x 2.08 cm

All elements are efficiently placed in all sections which offers hens the possibility to make maximum use of the space. Manure belts underneath the slats ensure that manure is being removed out of the house resulting in a much healthier air environment. Integrated manure belt aeration  ensures an air circulation above the manure belts and enables manure to pre-dry on the manure belts.

Integrated walk ways between every row on various tiers makes inspection easy. A trolley makes this inspection even more easier. A false ceiling has been installed for optimal ventilation in the house. In this way fresh air can reach all animals in every tier and section in the house. An special MultiFlex Elevator egg lift for the VolMaxx has been developed that brings eggs from of different tiers to one level. From this location an rod conveyor brings egg to the central packing location.

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