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Ovostar sees exports skyrocket in 2014

Exports of Ukrainian egg giant Ovostar have increased threefold following a production and sales surge. And there are plans for further expansion, according to representatives of the company.

Ovostar's official operational results show sales prices were up nearly a third. Total flock increased by 12% last year, with a 15% rise in the number of laying hens. Production increased by 16% to 1.038 billion eggs, while sales grew by a quarter and layer numbers grew to 4.4 million.

Sales volumes of dry egg products increased, particularly exports (+55%), and amounted up to 828 tons. Liquid egg exports, however, dropped by 4%. At the same time, the management of the company disclosed plans for further expansion of export and production capacities in 2015, despite the turbulence in the Ukraine economy.

"In 2015 we plan to increase the volumes of eggs and egg products exported to our foreign clients significantly," said chief executive officer Borys Bielikov. "At the same time, in addition to the installation of new egg production facilities, we shall invest in egg processing equipment, so we are able to double our dry egg products production capacities by the end of the year 2015." He said the company hopes for stability in Ukraine in order to create a solid basis to overcome the economic crisis in the country.

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