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Russia increases egg production

Russia will increase its egg production in 2015 to 41.6 billion units, which is 0.9 percent more than in 2014, according to an estimation by Russian analytical agency ICAR. Egg production in Russia has seen a decrease in the past two years.

According to official statistics a record volume of domestic egg production was achieved in 2012, with 42 billion units. In 2013 the production of eggs in Russia dropped to 41.3 billion units.

Increasing number of mixed-type poultry farms

According to ICAR, the decrease of egg production in recent years is being caused by an increasing number of mixed-type poultry farms, engaged both in production of broiler meat and eggs. Over the past two years, their number has grown from 50 to 66, as several egg farms switched to the production of poultry meat, because there was more profit to be made with production of poultry meat than with eggs.

More eggs are exported

In 2015 egg production will increase, mostly because more and more eggs are being exported: 495 million units in 2014, which is 75 percent more than in 2013, when 284 million eggs were exported.

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