Gut integrity in poultry: importance, challenges and phytogenic solutions

Poultry World and Novus invite you to pre-register for a new webinar on gut integrity in poultry: importance, challenges and phytogenic solutions. The webinar will be aired live on Thursday 17 September at 15.00 hours Central European time. But can be rewatched later by entering your details below.

What you will learn in this webinar is:

  • The role of the intestinal microbiota in gut integrity and functionality
  • How the intestinal gut barrier can be damaged by infections and non-infections challenges and consequences for the birds
  • Nutritional interventions which can support birds under these challenges
  • How essential oils can support health and performance in modern broiler production systems delivering economic benefits

This webinar is hosted by Poultry World Editor in Chief, Fabian Brockotter.


Filip Van Immerseel

Prof. dr. Filip Van Immerseel,  lecturer at University Gent at the faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the department of pathology, bacteriology and poultry diseases

Presentation: "Intestinal integrity and the microbiota: two key mediators of intestinal function"

The intestinal microbiota is very complex and able to produce metabolites that provide signals to the epithelial cells to maintain optimal functionality. The consequence of the optimal balance between the microbiota and the host is a high status of epithelial cell differentiation so that sugar and protein degrading enzymes are produced in the brush border, perfectly sealed intercellular connections, and optimal immune function. In specific circumstances, often triggered by infectious (Eimeria, toxins) or non-infectious (feed and environmental factors) challenges, damage to the intestinal epithelial barrier can occur, causing microbial shifts that exacerbate a vicious circle wherein opportunistic pathogens, such as Clostridium perfringens, expand in the gut, and cause further damage. This thus needs continuous monitoring for gut health alterations, and often nutritional interventions (feed additives) are used to restore the delicate balance between the microbiota and the host so that optimal animal performance is achieved.

Universiteit Gent
Sven Keller

Dr. Sven Keller, Sr. Technical Manager Gut Health Solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa at Novus

Presentation: "Next Enhance 150 - a broad spectrum gut health solution for broilers"

In the recent years, the continuous development of nutritional strategies to maintain a healthy gut has led to a variety of feeding concepts, of which essential oils, based on thymol and carvacrol, have been shown to be one of the most promising solutions. This presentation will give a science-based overview about the mode of action and different effects in the intestinal tract of broilers by using NEXT ENHANCE® 150 – an encapsulated, highly concentrated blend of thymol with carvacrol. In a variety of challenge trials examining Eimeria and Clostridium perfringens , NEXT ENHANCE® has shown to establish a healthy intestinal microbial flora, improve the gut barrier function, alleviate inflammation processes and increase immunity. Together with the anti-oxidative benefits, NEXT ENHANCE® 150 has demonstrated its efficiency to support health and performance in modern broiler production systems while delivering economic benefits.

fabian brockotter
Fabian Brockotter, host and editor in chief Poultry World poultry world

The webinar will take place on Thursday September 17, at 3pm Central European Time. That time corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 10am
  • London, UK: 2pm
  • Moscow, Russia: 4pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 8pm
  • Beijing, China: 9pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 10pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 11pm