Webinar: Benefit of enhancing intestinal immunity

Poultry World and Phileo by Lesaffre invite you to pre-register for a new webinar on benefit of enhancing intestinal immunity in poultry production. The webinar was aired live on Thursday 25 June at 13.00 hours Central European time. But can be rewatched by clicking the button below.

In modern poultry production, there is often an oversupply of feed in the gut, which creates a chronic inflammation. As 70% of the immune system capacity of birds is concentrated in the gut, the smallest enteritis can impact production performances. Pathogen contamination like Salmonella can also have an impact, it’s why maintaining a good gut health is quite important to transform feed into meat or eggs and preserve foodsafety and farm profitability.

This webinar is hosted by Poultry World Editor in Chief, Fabian Brockotter.

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Luiz Felipe Caron

Prof. Luis Felipe Caron,  lecturer at UFPR, in Veterinary Microbiology and Veterinary Vaccinology and researcher in Imunova

Presentation: "The role of immunity to control Salmonella and improve feed efficiency"

  • Salmonella control from the inside beak: immune and non-immune barriers
  • How to weigh each management measure in terms of effectiveness, viability and return on investment
  • How does the antigenic stimulus affect performance ?
  • How to maximize productive and sanitary efficiency at the same time
Ruth Raspoet

Dr Ruth Raspoet, poultry R&D manager at Phileo by Lesaffre

Presentation: "Yeast solution for a better intestinal immunity"

Giving Safmannan to high performing birds has been shown to help reduce the effects of production stresses, alongside the maintenance of good gut health in poultry flocks.

  • What is Safmannan
  • How Safmannan can help reduce pathogen pressure, and particularly Salmonella
  • How Safmannan can help improve performances in poultry under pathogenic challenge, but also under normal farm conditions.
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fabian brockotter
Fabian Brockotter, host and editor in chief Poultry World poultry world

The webinar will take place on Thursday June 25, at 1pm Central European Time. That time corresponds to:

  • São Paulo, Brazil: 8am
  • London, UK: noon
  • Moscow, Russia: 2pm
  • Bangkok, Thailand: 6pm
  • Beijing, China: 7pm
  • Tokyo, Japan: 8pm
  • Melbourne, Australia: 9pm


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