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Program Health & Nutrition - seminar
Wednesday 29 January | 12.00 hours

This seminar takes place on January 29, from 12.00 h - 13.30 h during IPPE 2020 in Building A, Level 3, A313
Entrance is free, but we like you to pre-register so we can reserve your seat and free magazine

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Agenda Wednesday 29 January | 12.00 h - 13.30 h - Health & Nutrition

Fabian Opening by host
Fabian Brockötter, chief editor Poultry world
Poultry world

The link between Gut health & Nutrition
Maarten De Gussem, DVM, Global Poultry Consultant Vetworks

  • The main goal of the modern poultry production is the optimization of nutrient utilization to improve production efficacy, therefore a healthy gut is key.

In 2009, Vetworks was founded by Maarten, servicing the poultry industry with a global team of specialists and providing support on poultry health topics all over the world, with focus on mycoplasmosis, general gut health and coccidiosis.

Besides his work at Vetworks, Maarten is also an academic adviser at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Ghent University. And a member of scientific committees of Poultry Mycoplasma Conference and of IHSIG Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health.

 Julien Kanarek

How tailored strategies can help achieve a favorable nutribiotic state
Julien Kanarek, Global Segment Leader - Poultry DuPont

  • A practical understanding of nutribiosis and different nutritional health strategies.
  • Learn to optimize for profitable and sustainable animal production, allowing for better bird growth, feed utilization and protection for challenged birds.

Originally from France, he graduated with a MSc in Animal Nutrition & Health partly done in Beauvais’ Institute of Agrosciences (North of Paris) and UC Davis where he specialized in comparative animal nutrition.

Prior to joining DuPont, he was employed by the Lesaffre group overseeing the Technical, Marketing & Sales management on most of European markets and by Avril Group as Category Manager Feed Additives. Julien brings over 10 years of experience in animal nutrition focusing on sustainable and alternative routes to successful antibiotic free livestock production.

 Alain Riggi

Effective solution to reduce Salmonella prevalence in poultry
Alain Riggi, DVM, Global Poultry Manager Phileo

  • The impact of Salmonella contamination on a global scale
  • The lower the pathogen load that enters the processing plant the easier it is to provide a safe and wholesome product to the market.
  • The farm is a complex environment and to successfully reduce Salmonella at the production level it is critical to attack all stages of production; breeders, hatchery, biosecurity, water quality, farm management, feed mill management, feed additives and more.
  • Phileo by Lesaffre has conducted a series of trials in breeders, broilers and layers to demonstrate the impact of Safmannan®, a selected yeast fraction, on the reduction of Salmonella contamination risk.

Dr. Alain Riggi joined Phileo by Lesaffre, in October 2014, as Global Poultry Manager. Alain’s core function is developing and supporting the implementation of a worldwide strategy related to the poultry market via close collaboration with the other departments of Phileo. Alain graduated as Doctor of Veterinary Medicines (Maisons-Alfort, France) and got additional specialty certification in poultry (Ploufragan-France).

Previously, Alain has worked for MSD Animal Health as Poultry Technical & Marketing Director for Europe and the North & West African region.


 The impact of broiler genetic development in nutrition
Justina Caldas, PhD, Poultry nutritionist Cobb 

  • Improvements in FCR have impacted micronutrients intake
  • A certain amount of amino acid intake is important before light stimulation of pullets

Justina has more than 14 years experience in the poultry nutrition sector. She studied Animal Nutrition at La Molina Agrarian University in Peru and fullfilled her Ph. D. at the University of Arkansas in "Breeder and Broiler Nutrition".

Nowadays she is part of the team responsible for the nutrition research plan within Cobb USA and since January 2016 she is also partly responsible for the entire nutrition program within Cobb.




Phileo Cobb