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Baromfi-Coop brings HatchTech Technology to Hungary

Baromfi-Coop, part of the Master Goods Group and one of largest family owned poultry company’s in Hungary, has inaugurated their brand new hatchery.

The facility, located in Petnahaza, Hungary, has the capacity to set 53 million eggs per year, with the first hatch expected in October.

The group, 100% owned by the Bárány family, is also involved in feed production, breeding stock, slaughtery and processing.

Amongst others, the new hatchery incorporates HatchTech MicroClimer setters and hatchers, and has a complete ventilation system including heat recovery, and the entire water management system (cooling & heating). The hatchery staff of Baromfi-Coop followed the HatchTech Start-Up Training Course earlier this year.

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