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HatchTech and Milouot sign LOI on early feeding patent

Dutch poultry equipment supplier, HatchTech has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the company Milouot to acquire a global patent for the early feeding of poultry. The acquisition of the patent means that years of scientific research into the effects of early nutrition in poultry will now be effectively translated into commercial practice.

The patent was developed by Miloubar, which is part of the Milouot Group. Miloubar owner of a large feed-mill plant has been conducting research into the early nutrition of hatchlings for many years. This research was led by acknowledged nutritional expert Dr. Yael Noy.

“Scientific research indicates that early post-hatch feed and the composition of this feed have a positive and significant effect on early development and improves the hatchlings’ resistance to deviating environmental factors to which the birds are very sensitive,” said Noy. “Our research results conclusively confirm that there are enormous advantages in early nutrition, but so far applying the concept under industry conditions has proved to be quite challenging.”

Mathieu Woltring, HatchTech’s Sales Director, who was closely involved in the patent acquisition process, confirms HatchTech’s ambitions: “The launch of the HatchTech MicroClimer incubator, the HatchTraveller and the HatchBrood all made the industry realise that producing superior day-old chicks gives better financial results. These products showed that incubation, chick transport and brooding are not just necessary parts of the production process but can also be profitable activities. The agreement we have just signed allows us to work on our next set of revolutionary products. They will not only astonish the industry, but also enable poultry companies to improve their bottom line.”

“We firmly believe that, with this patent, we will be enable to create new benefits and added value for our customers, developing new products that will change or improve the traditional methods used in incubation, transport and brooding. We expect that these new products will make poultry production sustainable and create better living conditions for poultry. Globally, consumers are keen to eat healthy poultry products produced in an animal-friendly way, without the use of any antibiotics. We will be ready to meet this need, through continuous innovation and product development,” says Tjitze Meter, founder and CEO of HatchTech.

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