News update:Mar 9, 2016

SA poultry producer opens hatchery in Mozambique

Astral Foods, one of South Africa’s leading integrated poultry producers, has opened a new Mozpintos broiler hatchery in Mozambique.

Construction began in 2011 on almost 26 hectares of land, 45km south west of the capital city Maputo. The hatchery, which has a capacity of 158,000 day old chicks per week, began hatching Aviagen’s Ross 308 broiler for the Mozambique market on 5th November.
Further plans for a Parent breeder farm are already underway whilst three poultry houses already on an existing Parent breeder farm will be refurbished to house broiler breeders.

Astral also plans to build three new broiler breeder sheds, allowing the hatchery to be self-sufficient in the supply of hatching eggs.

World Poultry

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