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CJ Indonesia to produce a hundred million broiler DOC

CJ Indonesia through its subsidiary, Super Unggas Jaya, is targeting broiler DOC production in 2013 amounting to 100 million heads.

"The price of broiler DOC’s is highly fluctuating and affecting our production target. The ideal broiler DOC price is IDR 3,000 per head. However in August and November 2012, the price fell to IDR 1,500 per head," said marketing manager of CJ Indonesia, Wahyu Nugroho.

Nugroho said that up to early December 2012, broiler DOC production of CJ Indonesia has reached 90% of it’s target in 2012.

He also added that next year CJ Indonesia plans to set up a breeding farm in Sumatra with a capacity of 50,000 with an investment of about IDR 15 billion.

CJ Indonesia has breeding farms in five areas, namely West Java, East Java, Lampung, South Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

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