News update:Mar 9, 2016

Indian River meeting celebrates success

Members of the Indian River (IR) Association recently gathered in Manila, Philippines, to talk about country progress, demand for IR birds and best practise husbandry. The three day event also welcomed new Grandparent (GP) customers; Bounty Fresh Foods, Philippines and Al-Noor Chicks, Pakistan.

The meeting mixed updates from across Asia, the Middle East and Africa on the success of Indian River and the wider poultry industry with technical and thought provoking presentations.

Delegates were welcomed by Aviagen’s Business Manager for the Indian River Brand, Fred Kao who said: “This is an extremely exciting time for Indian River and its customers worldwide. We have added three new GP operations to the list of an already expanded customer base. We are currently in 12 countries in Asia and five more in the Middle East and Africa. We now have GP customers in 10 different countries and that list is about to grow in the upcoming months.

“As a result, this third IRAA meeting focused very much on the success of Indian River as a brand over the last 18 months. This success is as much down to the dedication of our customers in making Indian River the breed of choice in their respective countries as it is down to a great performing bird well suited to the Asian market.”

The 51 attendees heard country updates as well as technical presentations on Diseases and Resolutions from Aviagen’s Global Head of Veterinary Services, Dr Nick Dorko. Dr Kim Huang, an external nutrition specialist also talked about the benefits and issues with maize or wheat based feed.

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