News update:Mar 9, 2016

ISA and Dekalb customers attend central American seminars

Granja Roblealto, a provider of avian genetics in central America organised a couple of seminars recently for their Isa Brown and Dekalb White customers in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The attendance to both meetings was very good, and participants had the opportunity to learn about the worldwide activities of Hendrix Genetics and ISA, and to be updated on genetic progress of both products as well as on key management tools for maximising performances of ISA layers. Presentations were made by Rafael Lera, Veterinarian and Technical Specialist.

Granja Roblealto has an increasing market share in the area of about 75 % in Costa Rica and close to 90 % in Nicaragua. Egg producers specially appreciate the excellent persistency of lay of Dekalb White and Isa Brown, which are two products that are perfectly suited to local conditions.

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